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200 o GREAT BRITAIN #33 PENNY REDS PL#131(24), PL#134(30), PL#137(132) All diff plate positions Cat. $957.00
201 *os/s RUSSIA Sel of 125 souvenier sheets to 1970's incl mint, used, some better like mint hinged #1360a (Sc $200.00) & med range ones, gen clean F-VF Est. $150-200
202 *o WW Large boot box of a wannabee dealer in glassines, small stock books scattered with other stuff. Lotsa modern s/s with topical appeal & some better scattered. Many 100's+++ Est. $75-100
203 o GREAT BRITAIN OLD BATCH OF CURLIES in 2 old cigar boxes mostly QV/KGEDW period, cheaper stamps off paper. Treasure trove of cancels. FUN LOT FOR THE SPECIALIST 100's++ Est. $40-60
204 *o WW DELERIUM EXPRESS of stuff in large box incl glassines from years gone by, loose, on paper WW, various CANADA YEAR SETS from 1980's, covers & more. A REAL MESS OF STUFF HERE Est. $75-100
205 *o WW CONSIGNMENT BALANCE in large shoebox incl glassines, stock cards, old dealer Auction lots on pages, with sel of OLD TIME CANADA on approval cards which appears to be priced in 1950's, better US used incl #C1, #C4, #J3. A real mish mash of stuff here Est. $150.00
206 *o WW LARGE BOX FULL OF STUFF purchased in 1980's & untouched since incl loads of stuff, scatterd loose in glassines, approval books & more. Pickens in the stockbooks w/better values to Scotts 50.00+ incl Gr Br, Early France, plus others. RAINY DAY SORTING SPECIAL, HEAVY! 1000's++ Est. $200-300
207 *o PILES OF PLENTY Large box stuffed with various colln rem in envelopes, folders, groupings, covers & everything under the sun. We just kept piling it on until the box was full. 1000's Est. $100-200
208 *o HELTER SKELTER Large box filled with stuff incl several shoeboxes used Australia, Olympic boxes, various on/off paper in envelopes, glassines, approval cards & more 1000's+ Est. $100-200
209 *o RUSSIA OLD TIME selection in dealer pages to 1950's incl BOB. Some better items spotted incl #629-635, #402-405, #959, #C95-96, C17 all mint. Used incl WENDON Russia-Livonia #L-2 used (faulty). Some duplications & MNH also. Gen clean batch Est. $100-150
210 *o ST PIERRE & MIQUELON Sel of 40+ on Hagner pages with duplicated 1891-2 ovpts mint & used. Also includes duplicated used 1925-27 postage dues incl pairs, singles. SPECIALIST LOT Some scattered faults, decent grouping SCOTTS Cat. $400.00+
211 *o WW Medium sized carton crammed full with stamps in 102's, loose, glassines, clippings, stock books & more. This one will take weeks to sort so who knows what you will find Est. $200-250
212 *o WW BANKERS BOX OF VAIOUS incl 3 volume colln remainders in Springback albums, sparse USA colln, various cheaper in shoebox & smaller boxes plus CANADA 1950's PLATE BLK colln (MNH) in Bileski Album (Unitrade $500.00+) Est. $100-200
213 *o IRAQ OLD TIME SELECTION on stock pages to 1960's with better items incl 192-194 (2 sets), 226, 232-47 all mint, #O24 used plus lots med values sets, singles, gen clean batch F-VF Est. $200-250
214 ** LIBERIA Sel of MNH sets to 1970's some better imperf sets. Clean lot NH VF SCOTTS Cat. $230.00
215 *o AUSTRALIA ONE MAN'S COLLECTION AS RECEIVED in 7 large bulging binders to the late 1990's. Includes 3 volumes of mint/used strength in modern post 1960's, as collector was buying from Post Office incl booklets, s/s, specialty items & more. Also incl 3 volumes of moder postal stny, fairly complete and one volue of PO packs. Probably a lot of face here of which some have appreciated over the years. F-VF Est. $500-600
216 *o NORFOLK ISLAND COLLECTIORS COLLECTION AS RECEIVED to late 1990's, some mixed used/mint but majority of colln is MNH as bought from PO incl booklets, s/s, extras, chalk full of stuff in large bulging 3 ring binder, fairly complete for period F-VF Est. $200-300
217 *o PAPUA & NEW GUINEA COLLECTORS COLLECTION AS RECEIVED to 1997 in thick bulging 3 ring binder. Scattered early used & mostly used to the 1990's or so then much mint as received from the post office incl booklets, s/s & other post office products. CLEAN F-VF Est. $150-250
218 *o CHRISTMAS ISLANDS COLLECTORS COLLECTION AS RECEIVED to 1997. Appears fairly complete outside of the 1968-70 Fish set. Mostly MNH replete with post office packs, booklets, postal products, postal stny, covers & more. CLEAN F-VF Est. $200-250
219 * PITCAIRN ISLANDS COLLECTORS COLLECTION AS RECEIVED in large bulking 3 ring binder to 1997 mostly MNH incl lots extras as bought from Post Office incl FDC, bklt, PO products and more, gen F-VF Est. $300-350
220 *o COCOS KEELING ISLANDS COLLECTORS COLLECTION AS RECEIVED TO 1997 mix of mint & used with much MNH purchased from PO incl FDC, souvenier packs, stny, s/s & more F-VF Est. $200-300
221 *o FIJI COLLECTOR'S COLLECTION AS RECEIVED in bulging 3 ring binder to 1997. Sparse in earlies, mostly used then a mix of mint & used to 1990 then fairly complete on incl sets, singles, FDC's, postal products & more, much MNH F-VF Est. $250-300
222 *o NIUE COLLECTOR'S COLLECTION AS RECEIVED to 1997 in large 3 ring binder, scattered earlies does incl mint 13 & 13a, mostly fairly complet post 1990's with much MNH as received from the Post Office incl FDC, sets, singles, s/s, postal products & more, gen F-VF Est. $200-250
223 *o NAURU COLLECTOR'S COLLECTION AS RECEIVED to 1997 mostly mint, sparse in earlies with scattered values and fair degree of completeness post 1980's & much MNH as obtained from Post Office incl sets, s/s, postal products & more Est. $150-200
224 *o AUSTRALIAN ANTARCTIC TERRITORY Colln to 1997 incl much used, later periods MNH as purchased from Post Office incl s/s, postal products & more F-VF Est. $75-100
225 *o AUSTRALIAN STATES Colln of mostly used on pages incl higher values w/faults, manu cancels & others, some cancel interest & few postal stny pieces. Cond Mixed 100's++ Est. $150-250
226 *o WW TOPICAL TRAIN COLLN on pages & stock pages incl covers, s/s, sets, singles, cinderellas & more in large 3 ring binder as put together by collector, ideal for expansion. Many 100's Est. $50-100
227 *o MALDIVE ISLANDS mtd colln to 1990's of mostly mint incl MNH issues with sets, singles, s/s incl better #11-19, 195-200, 201-206 and used #20-28, 172-86, fair degree of completeness in 1970's-80's incl many med value sets complete with s/s. NICE LOT, CLEAN F-VF Est. $300-400
228 C BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Colln of 28 diff 1980 18 KARAT GOLD REPLICA FDC with of course certificates & orig cost of about $750.00 US on fancy pages & album. Can be had cheaply compared to original cost Est. $100-150
229 * CAMBODIA Mtd colln on pages rang #1-251 missing 18a, 23a, and 28a o/w complete, #198-248 are MNH in glassines along with various imperfs, clean & VF NICE LOT Est. $250-350
230 o CANADA BULGING THICK STOCKBOOK of USED STOCK rang small queens to about 1990's, old hoard of stuff here 1000's Est. $75-100
231 *o GERMANY OLD TIME COLLECTION OF UNUSUAL ITEMS incl DDR back of book material then a range of old revenues, local posts, seals, labels, some revenue documents & others. Neat old batch of material here 100's++ Est. $250-350
232 o GERMANY OLD TIME ACCUMULATION TO 1950's in ANCIENT BRIEFMARKEN stockbook. Best is the 1920's used incl scads of inflation issues all postally used, some strips. FUN LOT FOR THE SPECIALIST. Many 100's++ Est. $100-150
233 *o SOUTH AMERICA mtd colln on pages in 3 ring binder M-V countries to 1960's. Strength in Nicaragua, Peru, Paraguay, Salvador, Uruguay, Venezuela, gen F-VF 100's++ Est. $100-150
234 *o WW LARGE BOX STUFFED TO THE TOP with various stockbooks, binders of stamps, USA Plate Blk colln 1951-61, BELGIUM, BR COMM & WW & scads of CTO SHEETS w/topical appeal 1000's+ Est. $100-150
235 PS RYUKU ISLANDS Mtd colln on BUSH PAGES 1949-1970 of postal stny & FDC's. Includes 62 postal stny (incl 5 auto by designer) pieces all mtd according to types & varieties incl UX2, UY3 (2 shades) and 28 FDC incl #51a-52a, CLEAN & VF Est. $150-200
236 *o WW LARGE BOX REMAINDERS OF LOCAL DEALER incl Canada few better, rem collns, packets, stock books & more. Many 100's Est. $75-100
237 *o WW Selection with mainly mint contains much value in BRITISH COMM booklets about 140 FACE from Channel Is, Gr Br also Canada & Australia, other material incl BAHAMAS & BERMUDA s/s, booklets, all mostly 1980's-90's plus shoebox of Canada & WW covers, most are gen MNH F-VF Est. $250-300
238 *o CANADA & WW BALANCE IN BOX incl Canada Wholesale in glassines 1940's-50's, Binder of mostly Canada incl covers, early ppc, incl cancel interest and lastly box of cheaper WW OFF/PAPER MIX INSPECT Est. $100-150
239 *o WW BANKERS BOX FILLED TO THE TOP incl large thick binder of Great Britain used rang QV/modern, various stuff in boxes, covers, Dealers Stock of USA booklets, much MNH incl some better and more, gen F-VF MANY 100's+++ Est. $100-200
240 *o WW LARGE BOX OF VARIOUS FILLED TO THE TOP incl shoebox of cheaper approvals loaded in glassines from years gone by, thick binder of used USA in stockbook, colln of Canada rang QV/modern, mostly used with sprinkling of modern mint plus other stuff 1000's Est. $100-200
241 *o WW Large binder of a wannabee dealer who never got around to selling his stock. All are identified by Scott #'s with catalogue values from years gone by. Much is cheaper but pockets of items that appreciated over the years to be found. Incl USA, Br Comm, Italy, Indonesia, Europe & more to 1980's, gen clean w/much MNH. Many 100's+++ Est. $150-200
242 *o WW LARGE BOX FILLED TO THE TOP w/various colln remainders, Canada wholdsale stock rang QV/modern in large binder, colln of covers 1970 EXPO, various on stock sheets cat by 1988 Scotts & glassines in boxes & more 1000's Est. $100-200
243 *o MESOPOTAMIA & IRAQ OLD TIME ACCUMULATION on stockpages in hingless binder to 1970's. Decent holding with array of mint & used, cancels, better sets to Scotts 50.00+, with much modern 1960's-70's MNH sets, s/s & more plus BOB, gen F-VF Many 100's Est. $200-250
244 *o MONGOLIA OLD TIME holding in ancient hingless stockbook. Best are 1920's-30's issues incl 1924 horizontal defaced perforations, mint & postally used 1920's issues 62-74 plus duplicated lower values. Mostly hinged w/sprinkling of NH then moves to 1960's-70's CTO material & MNH s/s in dupl. Many 100's Est. $200-250
245 ** EUROPA Stockbook of various 1960's-70's issues most in pairs incl Ireland #175-176 pairs. Also includes 20+ s/s issues by various agencies all Europa themed. NICE CLEAN LOT OF mostly MNH 100's Est. $250-300
246 FDC BRITISH COMMONWEALTH 1953 CORONATION Sel of 88 MINKUS CACHET FDC & several maxi ppc in album with better sets, singles CLEAN F-VF Est. $150-200
247 o CHINA TAIWAN 1946-1983 mtd colln on pages in 2 vol springback albums mostly nice used CDS cancels thru out missing key values still abundance of Sc 20.00+ sets, fair degree of completion less s/s, gen clean and a very nice used collection Est. $250-350
248 * BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Colln of 1937 CORONATION & 1946 PEACE ISSUES in 1935 SILVER JUBILEE ALBUM. Coronation issues appear fairly complete & fair number of Peace issues in block of 4 & singles (mostly NH) CLEAN LOT F-VF Est. $200-250
249 *o WW Small box of various in glassines, pages. Includes good variety of s/s with Br Comm, Europe, Asia to 1970's, scattered MNH Coronation issues, Japan cheaper sheets & more. Clean lot F-VF much MNH 100's++ Est. $75-125
250 *o WW Small box of Collector's accumulated stuff to 1970's incl stuff still on orig Approval sheets, glassines, lots & others. Noted some better values mixed thru out. Fun lot to go thru 100's++ Est. $100-150
251 * SPAIN & COLONIES 1940-1950's mtd colln of mostly BOB material on Scotts Spec pages mostly mint some NH. Colonies are best includes some Scott unlisted material. NICE CLEAN BATCH F-VF SCOTTS Cat. $225.00+
252 *o WORLDWIDE CINDERELLAS stockbook loaded with 100's of fantasies, fakes, seals, labels, foreign revenues, even a few stamps, no doubt items of interest throughout, worth a look, worth careful inspection Est. $200-300
253 *o ICELAND Mtd colln on reduced Scotts Specialty pages to 1950 incl BOB much used with better items cat over $50.00 incl #12, 17, 18, 71-82, 84, 86-91, 170-175, O3, O11 all used, gen F thru out SCOTTS Cat. $2200.00
254 * FAROE ISLANDS (1975-2005) Mtd colln in White Ace Faroe island stamp album of mostly MNH sets, singles, s/s, appearsto be fairly complete to 2002 incl extra Xmas Seals & more. NICE CLEAN COLLECTOR'S COLLECTION VF Est. $250-350
255 *o SAAR 1920-1958 Mtd colln on pages incl BOB includes mint & used copies on some issues, cancels, BOB and others. Better 20.00+ spotted thru out incl 289-308 mint set, gen clean F-VF SCOTTS Est. $680.00
256 *o WW Sel of various grouping in a med box incl Scandinavia, Europe loose in glassines, range of booklets to 1970's incl much Great Britain pre decimal types, Finland mint sheets & multiples from 1940's, USA postal stny & some cheaper face, Japan cheaper mint & more. Many 100's+++ Est. $150-250
257 *o BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA & CROATIA Mtd colln on pages where the collector was collecting mint & used of each issue. Bosnia goes to 1917 with JUGO ovpts then goes to CROATIA 1941-1945 with many stamps incl 1941-1945 with many stamps incl 1-81 complete mint with good porportion used, #B1-B2 mint, BOB, range of unlisted items incl DEMOKRATIC-FEDERATION ovpts and range of mint 1990's issues also. GOOD BATCH Est. $150-200
258 *o LIECHTENSTEIN Mtd colln on KABE pages to 1939 incl better like #C11-C12 used mostly mint incl sets, s/s, BOB. NICE CLEAN COLLECTION SCOTTS Cat. $453.00
259 *o ROMANIA mtd colln on KABE pages 1862-1941 strength in earlies mostly used with scattered mint thru out. Better sets & singles noted, gen clean F-VF SCOTTS Cat. $1200.00+
260 *o PORTUGAL Mtd colln on KABE pages 1853-1940 incl good selection of earlies, much used with scattered mint, some better values thru out, clean F-VF SCOTTS Cat. $900.00
261 * NORWAY Mtd colln on KABE pages 1856-1940 incl BOB, much is used with better values, scattered mint, gen clean F-VF SCOTTS Cat. $728.00
262 *o POLAND 1918-1939 Mtd colln on KABE pages mix of mint & used with some better med values, gen clean F-VF SCOTTS Cat. $500.00+
263 *o AUSTRIA 1850-1937 mtd colln on KABE pages incl BOB and Offices with better sets & singles with better cat values incl #P1, P5 used, #C32-46 mint and others, much used incl cancel interest, semis mostly mint, clean batch, gen F thru out SCOTTS Cat. $3450.00
264 *o SCADS OF SPAIN on a stack of blank pages mtd rang early/1990's some duplication much used with runs of mint for some years. A lot of stamps here mostly cheaper with some scattered med values. Many 100's+++ Est. $75-100
265 *o PORTUGAL & COLONIES Modest colln on pages rang 1862-1970's. Some scattered hi cat earlies w/faults, much used to 1950's then run of 1960's mint sets followed by colonies, good variety, mostly cheaper, gen F thru out. Many 100's+++ Est. $100-150
266 *o POLAND 1918-1960's Modest colln on blank pages range of mint & used, BOB, unlisted items, few better noted incl #C1-C9 mint, gen F thru out. Many 100's+++ Est. $50-100
267 *o WORLDWIDE COLLECTIONS 1875-1975 groug of 15 small modest country collections on blank pages and large stock pages. Mostly European countries incl Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, Greece, Luxemburg, Romania & Yugoslavia, some duplication. Many 100's++ Est. $150-200
268 *o WW Box of various balances incl binder of modern Canada, stockbook of mint Channel Islands, Colln of US mint airmails 1940's-1960's & UN same period, Philipines, stock of CANADA G ovpts on stock pages, Sparse Italian BOB colln in Scotts Specialty album which incl better like Rhodes J1-J9 used (Sc 108.50), Aegean Is C8-C13 used (Sc 84.50), worth an inspection. Many 100's Est. $100-150
269 * CINDERELLAS EASTERN EUROPE ANTI COMMUNIST LABELS About 300 incl LATVIA, LITHUANIA, ESTONIA, UKRAINE, RUSSIA from 1970's era, interesting batch Est. $40-60
270 *o RUSSIA OLD TIME ACCUMULATION in old stockbook about half full but chalk full of issues crammed into the stots to 1930's & BOB. Lots of medium values & sets to be had incl some better like 647-658 mint, perf varieties, imperfs & more, has not seen daylight for years. INSPECT CAREFULLY Many 100's+++ Est. $250-400
271 ** WW Mtd colln of basically 1969-72 period on MINKUS pages in GLOBAL ALBUM all are in hawid mounts appear to be NH, fairly complete for period incl Bulgaria, China, Czech, Fance, Germany, DDR, HUNGARY, Japan, Korea, Liberia, Monaco, Luxemburg, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Vietnam, with better values noted for China, Korea, Vietnam & others, clean & VF Est. $500-600
272 ** AUSTRIA 1969-2003 mtd colln in 4 SAFE HINGLESS albums incl sets, singles, s/s & more, appears to be fairly complete for period, clean & VF Est. $350-500
273 **oC VATICAN CITY BANKERS BOX of a ton of stuff to 2009 incl sets, singles, s/s, Post Office products, FDC, Maxi cards. Comes with the PONTIFFS BLESSING. Many 100's+++ Est. $150-250
274 *o VATICAN CITY BANKERS BOX FULL TO THE TOP loaded with much postally used to 1993 incl 2 thick stockbooks, 102 box of glassines, cans, cigar boxes & more. Also box of mint on 102 cards, scattered covers & an exhibit on pages incl a pass to see the pope. MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL THIS IS THE HOLYEST LOT OF THEM ALL 1000's+++ Est. $200-250
275 o CANADA BANKERS BOX STUFFED TO THE TOP of wholesale used Canada rang #14 to 1990's in stock books, albums, boxes & more with premium copies noted. PACKET MAKERS DREAM COME TRUE 1000's+++ Est. $150-250
276 o BRITISH COMMONWEALTH DEALERS STOCK on stock cards in 9 binders incl Br Europe, Br Africa, Br Pacific, Br Caribean & Middle East to 1990's incl pockets of better scattered thru out. All is sorted ready for retail that was put together years ago. Many 100's Est. $350-500
277 o USA PRECANCELS Couple of thin binders with accumulated precancels, Bureau Print album sparse, Noble album pages (never opened) plus Precancel Society Catalogue. Many 100's Est. $50-100
278 ** TURKEY BIRD SPECIAL Small box of large quantity of dupl mint sheets rang #870/1606 plus BOB. Most are lower value but aggregate cat is quite high incl #1492 (65) used also F-VF OWNERS SCOTTS Cat. $25000.00+
279 ** GREAT BRITAIN Shoebox packet with blks of 4 rang 1964-1972, owner states Face to be 598.00 ($1000 Cdn) MNH VF Est. $300-500
280 ** CHANNEL ISLANDS Shoebox similar to above lot 1969-99 with blocks from Alderney, Guernsey & Jersey MNH VF FACE 570 ($840 Cdn) Est. $250-350
281 FDC CHANNEL ISLANDS includes ALDERNEY(42) 1985-1999, Guernsey (270) 1970-1989 and Jersey (197) 1993-1994, fair amount of face spent here VF Est. $150-200
282 o WW Sel of mostly Europe & related areas, scattering of Middle East rang early/1950's, much is cheaper under $10 range, Inspect. Many 100's+++ Est. $75-125
283 * BRITISH COMMONWEALTH QEII mostly stock in 3 stockbooks incl Great Britain BOB Channel Is, NZ, Br Africa, Caribean, Gibraltar & others, clean, much MNH vostly lower values. Many100's+++ Est. $100-200
284 ** ARAB SHIEKDOMS 1964-66 Mtd colln on pages incl AJAMAN, FUJEIRA, QATAR, RAS AL KHAIMA, according to MINKUS #'s incl imperfs, s/s, GOLD FOILS, etc. Fairly complete for period F-VF Est. $150-200
285 ** ARAB SHIEKDOMS 1963-66 Mtd colln on pages incl SHARJAH, UMM AL QIWAIN, YEMEN REPUBLIC incl sets, s/s, IMPERFS all mtd according to MINKUS #'s, gen F-VF Est. $100-150
286 *o WW Collectors accumulation in large pizza box, much as purchased 1960's-70's MNH sets, singles under $20.00 plus large glassines of mostly used country selections and others. Spotted values to Scotts $45.00. Cat value in glassines & 102's are from years gone by. Mostly Br Comm, Europe, So Am. Inspect Est. $75-150
287 *o WW Collector's Accumulation of stuff in large pizza box mostly 1960's-70's period of MNH sets, singles as purchased. Mostly Europe, Br Comm incl Russia, Ireland, Pacific, So America & others. Mostly under $20.00. Cat prices on 102's & glassines are out of date. Inspect Est. $100-150
288 *o WW Collectors Accumulation in large pizza box much 1960's-70's material in glassines, 102's as purchased includes Europe, Br Comm, ASIA, So America, much MNH incl sets, s/s, booklets & more, cat prices on 102's & glassines are out of date. Inspect Est. $150-250
289 *o WW LARGE PIZZA BOX stuffed to the gills with mostly used older selections of various countries in large glassines, loose & more. RAINY DAY SPECIAL for the sorter, some better noted INSPECT 1000's Est. $75-150
290 ** ISRAEL LARGE PIZZA BOX OF MOSTLY MNH Sets & singles with tabs & others. Note some better like 48-50 (#50 hinged), #C9-C17 MNH all with tabs, #32b (NH), J1-J5(LH), cat prices on 102's & glassines are out of date, Clean lot F-VF 100's++ Est. $100-150
291 *o WW Balance of mostly mint material in large pizza box incl a run of 1960's-70's issues incl Europe, Br Comm & others with better items Scotts 100.00+ from earlier periods incl Austria, Spain, Aust States, run of Swedish booklets, mint France & more. Please Inspect 100's++ Est. $400-600
292 *o WW CINDERELLA SEALS LABELS REVENUES & MORE Old time accumulaiton of collector in old cigar box in glassines, old envelopes, cards, etc. Hasn't seen daylight for years, INSPECT 100's++ Est. $150-200
293 *o WW Collectors accumulation to 1980's in 4 red boxes of glassines & 102's, A-V countries. Much was purchased during the 1960's-80's period incl better pockets of material thru out also incl earlier material. Spotted better incl AUSTRIA #B264-7, B269-71 MNH, CHINA #1355-58 still in orig glassines marked 50c (SCOTTS 515.00) plus others, sprinkling of PROC, better AFARS & ISSAS MNH issues, good VATICAN CITY incl 122-31E11-E12, 149-153 (2 sets), C9-C15, C16(NH), C18-19, C20-21, C22-23 plus more. Note cat prices are out dated. Neat old time holding. PLEASE INSPECT Est. $1000-1500
294 *o WW Balance of Consignment incl 2 large pizza boxes of loose & material in envelopes, plus 3 small boxes of glassines, all identified & cat with out dated prices. Mostly cheaper 1000's Est. $50-75
295 *o LATIN AMERICA Sel of what appears to be all different on dealer pages, mostly used. Spotted a few better to Scotts 20.00+. Mostly cheaper items. Catalogued in 1989 @ 500.00, gen F thru out. 1989 SCOTTS Cat $500.00
296 *o TURKEY 1876-1967 Mtd colln on Scotts Spec pages incl BOB, a mix of mint & used, nothing overly expensive but a good range of stamps & ideal for expansion. Many 100's++ Est. $50-75
297 o DANISH WEST INDIES Used selection on stock page incl #6E, #10, #21-22, #29, @28A, #30, #33, #J1-J4, mostly CDS F-VF SCOTTS Cat. $330.00
298 o ICELAND Sel of sev 100+ mostly diff used on 2 stock pages to 1970's. Better incl #3 (postally used) small thin but decent, #10, 12, 15,16, 21, 23, 28(2), 55, 78, 80-81, 102, 121 plus others, gen F-VF Est. $200-250
299 *o WW CONSIGNMENT BALANCE incl colln of CHURCHILL on pages (1970's), BR OMNIBUS MATERIAL incl 1971 & 1981 Royal Wedding. Sel of 1965-66 on Scotts Specialty pages G-Z incl Ireland, Great Britain, Vietnam & others, VATICAN s/s & part sheets & others, Clean batch, gen F-VF Est. $75-100
300 *o CATASTROPHIC CHAOS in a large box crammed with on/off paper, glassines, envelopes, loose & more incl 19th Century, Scotts Best album part II sparse but did notice Netherlands #2 used. A really messy bunch of stuff Est. $40.00
301 *o WW BANKERS BOX containing 6 volumes of various collns incl Supreme Global WW colln A-G to 1960's, Scotts Spec Fr Col album, st bk of French Colonies, WW colln on blank pages to 1970's, Modern album & Lincoln album of USA stamps. Mostly cheaper. Many 100's++ Est. $75-100
302 *o ALBANIA Mtd colln on MINKUS pages to 1977, scattered better sets, s/s to Scotts 20.00+, sparse in some areas, still fair amount of stamps to be had, gen F thru out 100's+++ Est. $50-100
303 *o JAMAICA 1860-1972 Mtd colln of mostly used incl nice mix of QV med values, some mint incl #88-102 m & used with #100 mint. Also collectors mtd some issues according to SG with shades. Modern mostly used with CDS cancels, gen F-VF Est. $100-200
304 *o TASMANIA mtd colln of 30 mostly diff mint on Scott Specialty pages incl #60, 62,65, 66, 74-75 (used), 76-81, 86-93, 102-105, 109, gen F thru out, Clean batch SCOTTS Cat. $600.00+
305 *o WW LARGE HEAVY BOX FILLED TO THE BRIM with various colln remainders, stock books, boxes, covers and everything else that we could stuff into the box 1000's Est. $75-150
306 *o WW LARGE BOX STUFFED AN UGLY LOT Best are the UN 1980-90's unopened & opened packages as received from the PO mostly year sets, pres packs, etc. mint sheet file, CTO, etc. 1000's Est. $50-100
307 *o WW BANKERS BOX containing sparse BR EUROPE ALBUM mostly early Gr Br modern Machin bklts, box of covers mostly 1940's commercial mail to US, box of older to 1940's. Stamps some still in original glassines from 1940's, box of old glassines with stamps to 1940's incl Br Comm pease issues & others. Many 100's Est. $75-100
308 *o WW BANKERS BOX with various incl 2 vol STANDARD world wide colln to 1970's, Mint GHANA colln to 1966 w/sets, singles, s/s, appears to be mostly NH, box of cheaper stamps in glassines much topical, bx of USA booklets, 1940's pl blocks & more 100's+++ Est. $75-125
309 *o CZECHOSLOVAKIA Bulging binder crammed with stuff incl mtd colln 1918-60's with additional material on pages, stock pages & more. Much used incl complete sets, some s/s & BOB. Many 100's Est. $40-60
310 *o WW Collection in two Scott International albums 1979-1982 mint & used with better mint sets to Scotts 30.00+ much MNH. Also envelope of numerous sets, singles, s/s all mint NH 1979-82 period which owner never mounted. CLEAN BATCH F-VF Est. $150-200
311 *o WW US & WORLDWIDE in a ctn incl Scotts Spec Album colln with USA to 1980's, Envelope of US BOB ebay lots as bought by collector, Sparse Korea colln in Sc Spec Album (few earlies), LINDNER Hingless album 19th Century with some used scattered thru out and a binder of old auction pages with better items to Scotts 150.00+ incl USA #229 used, Canada Edward set used to 50c and others. Inspect 100's++ Est. $250-300
312 *o WW 1926 Yvert & Tellier album filled with much older, nice variety of stuff incl interesting China note Officially used label cancelled. Neat old grouping of material, INSPECT Many 100's Est. $250-400
313 *o WW Box of various binders of mostly material to 1960's incl Turkey, Greece, various mixed in stockbooks, Hitler Sheets in small box and Br Comm in glassines & cigar boxes 1000's Est. $100-150
314 *o WW Large box filled to the brim with on/off paper mixes, covers, auction lot remainders & more 1000's Est. $75-100
315 *o WW BANKERS BOX incl 2 VOL C-G countries to 1950's, small box of glassines & dealer approval pages incl Europe with better to Scotts 30.00+. Many 100's Est. $75-125
316 *o JAPAN Various old colln remnants on pages. Mostly to 1950's with earlier incl cancel interest, BOB, some better like #422 and #479 mint copies. Inspect 100's Est. $150-200
317 o SWEDEN 1908-1910 10 ore issue colln of 120 SON TOWN CANCELS AFVATRASK/YXMERUM all identified & mtd on pages. NICE BATCH F-VF Est. $40-60
318 oC VENEZUELA Specialized colln of the 1951 ARMS AIRMAIL issues consisting of 24 covers and 110+ stamps. An old time batch that appears to be put together in 1952. Ideal for expansion as collector was trying to get used copies & covers for this issue Est. $50-75
319 *o AUSTRALIAN STATES OLD TIME HOLDING ON 2 stock cards catalogued years ago @ Scotts 3835.00. Issues are highly mixed with faults w/some duplication. Salvageable perhaps for much less Est. $100-200
320 *o FRANCE & COLONIES OLD HOARD OF mostly pre 1940's incl Fr Off in China, Indochina, Morocco, Guadelope, Fr West Africa & others. Also some France. Nothing really expensive but interesting with cancels used & mint, some dupl thru out. Many 100's Est. $40-60
321 *o KITCHEN SINK SPECIAL Everything under the sink in this box incl shoebox of older Egypt in glassines, cigar boxes of stuff, on/paper mixes, Canada rem colln to 1960's mostly mint with better BOB & more 1000's Est. $150-250
322 *o MORE KITCHEN SINK SPECIAL Another box full of various on/off paper glassines, cigar boxes, approval sheets, rem colln, Canada Year Sets incl 1975 and of course a Centennial box to boot 1000's Est. $100-150
323 *o CRAZY AZ SPECIAL LARGE BOX filled with gizzilions of envelopes of sorted countries & issues to the 1960's-70's period, much older types, thers are virtually a ton of stamps here. Ideal for the approval book maker or ebay seller 1000's+++ Est. $100-150
324 *o BRITISH PACIFIC Mtd colln on Scott Spec pages incl AAT, PAPUA & NG, AUSTRALIAN STATES, BAT, FALKLANDS. BEST is Australian States with better incl VICTORIA #AR4-AR8 with duplex and CDS cancels, some nice early Papua mint #50-55, 74-79 & others. CLEAN BATCH F-VF Est. $300-400
325 *o BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Sel of 9 retired APS circuit books with stamps priced by SCOTTS 2000 cat. Best areas are Antigua, Bahamas, Bermuda, Barbados, Br Guiana & Br Honduras. Balance are Canada & Australia. Note better incl Antigua #23-27, #48-57 mint, Bahamas #5, 16, 35-36 all used, #85-89 mint, Bermuda #53 mint no gum, #96 used, Barbados #7, 9, 25, 27 all used plus others. Retail remaining in 2000 $1600.00. Note some values have appreciated considerably in 2017 cat, gen F Est. $300-400
326 * CINDERELLAS NATIONAL WILDLIFE FEDERATION album with Wildlife CONSERVATIONS STAMPS 1938-1952 individual yearly collections with 15 year index, quite attractive and quite scarce in orig binder as bought years ago Est. $100-150
327 *o WW BANKERS BOX OF ALBUMS BINDERS incl colln of used Italy, 2 vol UN Scott Specialty albums to 1990's, binder of US mint coils, multiples plus others to 1970's, REGENT WORLD WIDE colln and Canada 2 stockbooks of mint 1940's-70's incl BOB, much MNH 1000's Est. $100-200
328 *o WW BANKERS BOX of various auction lot remainders, glassines, loose, covers, colln balances & others 1000's Est. $100-200
329 *o WW BANKERS BOX incl SCOTT INTERNATIONAL PART I, STOCKBOOK of MODERN USED NZ decimal period to 1990's incl better (nice clean stock) various on/off British Commonwealth in 2 small boxes incl better, shoebox of various plus others 1000's Est. $150-250
330 *o WW LARGE BOX FILLED to the TOP. Includes box of Canadian stationary, various shoeboxes of loose, glassines, rem colln & more 1000's Est. $75-100
331 *o WW LARGE BOX FULL incl Canada mint/used some better multiples, etc. various small boxes off/on paper, colln remainders & more 1000's Est. $75-150
332 *o WW LARGE BOX FULL incl Canada Domestograms duplicated boxful, various small boxes on/off paper, auction lot remainders, US Mint sets, Canada 1994 Year Set & more. Many 100's++ Est. $75-100
333 *o NEW ZEALAND 1874-1948 mtd colln remainders on blank pages incl some decent QV values to Scotts 50.00+ incl #66, 79 also some w/advertizing backs incl #63(2), 66, mostly used, gen F Est. $75-100
334 *o TRIESTE (ITALY) Mtd colln on MINKUS pages of 80 diff mostly mint, some used, with better med values, clean, gen F-VF Cat. $316.00
335 *o WW LARGE BOX Filled to the top incl Canada 1950's-70's MNH w/better like 1970 Xmas blocks of 4, various in boxes, colln remainders, loose & more 1000's Est. $150-250
336 o USA PRECANCELS BUREAU PRECANCEL colln all diff on K&P pages from A-Z cities. NICE BATCH gen F thru out 1000's Est. $250-350
337 *o WW WORLDWIDE DEALER STOCK in 13 counter books with mostly unused material incl USA, Br Comm, Foreign, Europe, Asia, etc. All are priced ready to go with much material to $20 plus some better also. Please Inspect 1000's Est. $600-800
338 *o WORLDWIDE Couple of Scotts Int albums, one Canada to France other Somalia to Zaire. Also red modern album of older issues. Good Canada with dollar values mint, good Swiss plus others. Please Inspect 1000's Est. $500-750
339 *o GERMAN STATES, OFFICES & COLLONIES in lighthouse hingless album. Fair amount of cat value here however some reprints, faulty hi cat items along with some decent better values, much used incl Offices & colonies with better items. Please Inspect 1000's+++ Est. $500-750
340 *o PAPUA & NEW GUINEA mtd colln on blank pages of 320 diff to 1980's stregnth in modern mint OWNERS 1986 SCOTTS $315.00 F-VF Est. $75-100
341 *o NEW ZEALAND mtd colln on blank pages to 1980's, 680 diff rang #31-746 incl BOB, much used, gen F Owners 1986 Scotts $571.00 Est. $100-150
342 *o KOREA OLD TIME HOLDING in stock book mostly 1940's-50's issues. Earlier incl 1895 issues w/cancels cond is mixed, some 1903 issues. Also some scattered early No Korea 1940's, 100's Est. $150-200
343 o JAPAN OLD TOURIST STAMP SHEET of mostly 19th century stamps missing 3, noticed perfin cancels. Actually in nice shape for these F-VF Est. $40-60
344 * DISNEY COLLECTION in two Disney Albums 1980-1982 incl s/s, sets & nicely written up pages, Not complete but still abundance of issues CLEAN F-VF Est. $100-150
345 *o MALTA Mtd colln on pages rang #3c/#650 incl better values like #3c, 7, J1 blk of 4 all used. Better mint incl #13, 16, 197A-205 MNH corner copies, #235-240 MNH Plate Blks of 4, much modern QEII MNH sets, singles plus BOB, CLEAN BATCH Est. $200-250
346 *o MAURITIUS Mtd colln on blank pages rang #24/576, Much is used with some better incl #24, 221 used, 276-290 mint, gen F-VF Est. $150-200
347 *o FRENCH COLONIES & OFFICES Old time colln mtd on blank pages to 1940's, much used with pockets of better, cancels, BOB & others. Interesting batch, Inspect Est. $200-300
348 *o CZECHOSLOVAKIA Interesting colln on pages to 1940's mostly incl cancels, printer's waste, Wimmer essay signed plus some presentation items from 1960's-70's, gen F thru out 100's Est. $40.00
349 *o USA Mtd collection of OFFICIALS on old time pages. Better incl #O35, O40, O43, O44, O62 all used, some better mint no gum with minor duplication, gen F thru out. OWNERS SCOTTS Cat. $1500.00+
350 *o USA (50+) OLD TIME collection of postage dues on pages and includes #JQ1-JQ5 mint all with thins, some better dues, mostly used, Please Inspect Est. $75-100
351 *o USA CARMINE DOCUMNTARY issues mtd colln plus stock sheets of various years much 1952-53 period incl better like #R603 block of 4 as used plus some used singles, Range of multiples, blocks which leads to fair amount of cat, gen F 100's++ Est. $100-200
352 *o USA DUCKS old time colln on pages 1940-1963 most earlies are used or no gum. Better incl #RW24, 26 with gum. Also incl damaged about $110.00 Scotts not counted in cat value & some trout stamps also, gen F SCOTTS Cat. $610.00+
353 *o USA OLD TIME REVENUE COLLECTION in SCOTTS SPECIALTY album with a nice range of issues incl many better items like #R75a, R72c, R86c, R90c, R117, R124, R140, R142, R145, R183 plus others, has not seen daylight for some time, gen clean F-VF SCOTTS Cat. $2100.00+
354 *o HUNGARY Mtd colln in SCOTTS SPECIALTY ALBUM to 1960's, few better noticed incl #B198A-B198D, CB1-CB1C(creased) Roosevelt s/s MNH, gen F thru out 100's++ Est. $75-150
355 * SERBIA Mtd colln on pages to 1918 incl some early counterfeits not counted in cat value. Much used. Best are a run of 1916 AUSTRIAN OCCUPATION issues (Sc 180.00) used, gen F thru out SCOTTS Cat. $300.00
356 *o WW BANKERS BOX of various colln remainders, auction lots leftovers, covers, loose, envelopes, boxes, NZ Year Sets, BILESKI STUFF and more 1000's+ Est. $100-200
357 o AUSTRIA OLD TIME holding of 150+ REVENUES on piece incl some full documents, variety of issues 1920's-30's with duplication. Interesting old time hoard Est. $50-75
358 *o BOOK SHELF CLEANOUT Large Box of Binders of duplicated stamps on stock sheets incl Br Comm, Ireland stock, NZ stock, some Australia & States, Great Britain & others 1000's Est. $75-150
359 o AUSTRALIA & STATES Small colln of mostly used ROOS & KGV issues on pages incl #54 5' used plus others, States are gen used mtd to SG types incl shades, cancels, perf varieties, etc. scattered better, gen F thru out 100's+ Est. $200-250
360 *o ESTONIA Mtd colln in VOTELE ORG SPECIALIZED ALBUM w/SLIPCASE to 1940 incl BOB, Occupations, etc. Much is used with scattered better sets, singles and much in varieties in colours, etc. as provided in album space, CLEAN gen F-VF SCOTTS Cat. $550.00
361 *o CANADA Sel/Accum of issues rang Pence-1940's incl much MNH 1920-40's period med values. Some better noted incl 5c & 10c Quebec MNH, 50 Grande Pre LH, BOB incl airs & Spec deliveries MNH & others. Also scattered used thru out, gen a clean batch deserving a look 100's Est. $250-400
362 *o WW BANKERS BOX incl SCOTTS JR INTERNATIONAL with a fair amount of stamps, box of covers to 1950's, various binders, stockbooks of stuff & others 1000's Est. $100-200
363 *o WW BANKERS BOX FULL incl colln of Canada Plate Blocks QEII period in Scotts Spec Album, Israel colln in Scotts Spec Album, Canada Post year sets, odds & ends in boxes & albums Est. $75-125
364 *o RUSSIA OLD TIME ACCUMULATION of issues to 1940's plus much BOB incl Offices & related areas, some med values MNH to Scotts 30.00+ noted plus other interesting stuff. Please Examine 100's++ Est. $150-250
365 o BELGIUM WONDERFUL OLD HOARD of PARCEL POST & RAILWAY stamps all sorted in glassines rang #Q29/Q330 and #P3/P38 in 3 102 tray like boxes. Has not been touched in 50 years & UNPICKED. Treasure trove for cancels, varieties, etc. SPECIALIST LOT 1000's Est. $150-200
366 *oC CINDERELLA/LOCALS Mtd collection of Rattlesnake Island Locals (1966-1985) & Kaullack Island Locals (1971-1984) incl sets, FDC, Commercial mail & more. Nice grouping of material & fairly complete. Also contains other local usage F-VF Est. $250-300
367 * LUNDY 1929-1976 Mtd colln on Lundy Stamp Bureau pages. Better incl 1942 SPITFIRE V ISSUES ovpt incl s/s 1943 Biplane ovpt issue, ATLANTIC COAST AIR SERVICES d, 3d(2) FDC, sets, singles, missing 1940 Red Cross ovpts but o/w fairly complete VF Est. $250-300
368 *o WW BANKERS BOX full incl 2 stockbooks of modern Russia boxes of various in glassines, envelopes, auction lot remainders, floor sweepings, Canada PO Year sets & more 1000's Est. $75-125
369 *o INDONESIA & NETHERLANDS INDIES Sel in large stockbook incl West Irian, Japan Occupations, lots of town cancels, Much unlisted material with occupation ovpts, etc. Indonesia starts off with early issues on to 1950's incl semis, booklets, s/s & more. Interesting batch, please inspect. Many 100's+++ Est. $400-600
370 * NORTH KOREA #29, 30 in sheets of 100 also multiples incl #14(16), 29 (46), 30 (30) plus sheet and half of Revenue stamp, double perfed thru the middle from an old time holding SCOTTS Cat. $2484.00+
371 *o WW Small box of STUFF incl old auction sheets from 1980's, Penny Reds Plated on card, Indian Revenues, Br Comm better items scattered thru out. A real Variety Pack here. Many 100's Est. $200-300
372 *o RUSSIA Sel of 4 RPSC retired sales circuit books of mostly used Russia to 1950's. Better scattered thru out incl 489-509, B14-17, 135, C26-8 all used, #C15-C19 mix mint & used plus others priced in 1984-87, gen F thru out 100's Est. $300-350
373 *o WW Sel of 25 retired RPSC, APS, Edmonton Stamp Club circuit books incl USA, UN, Canada, Europe, Br Comm, Great Britain, Channel Is, New Zealand & others. Scattered better incl MNH & others. Priced in 1981-87 period 100's+++ Est. $250-350
374 *o WW Sel of 25 retired APS, RPSC & Edmonton Stamp Club circuit books priced in 1981-87 period incl USA, Canada, UN, New Zealand, Br Comm, Br Pacific, Europe & others with better scattered thru out, gen F Est. $350-500
375 *o POLAND Mtd colln on blank pages in two Scott Int binder to 1987, good range of material incl scattered earlies, BOB, forerunners plus fairly complete from 1950's on. Clean batch, gen F-VF Est. $250-350
376 *o NETHERLAND INDIES mtd colln in small MYATT GRAFTON album to 1949. Much is used with better incl #1, 21, 62(3) all used, #6 mint & others incl cancels, perf type and more. CLEAN BATCH 100's Est. $150-250
377 o NETHERLANDS Sel of 225 cancels mostly on 1869-1894 issues. Mostly numeral cancels, some towns, also some earlier incl #12 (faults), some faults to be expected as stamps were selected for cancels, good variety. Nice grouping Est. $300-400
378 8o WW 1968-1971 thick bulging Scott International album with pages for 1968-1971 A-Z countries. Mostly unused with much mint never hinged. Some areas are sparse others are well filled. Many better items throughout such as good Portugal Europa sets, ABU DHABI & much more. Inspect. Many 100's+++ Est. $700-900
379 *o WW 1965-1968 2 vol Scott International well filled with mint & used much mint never hinged incl better Europa, Portugal, Belgium, Andorra, abundance of med values, sets & singles. Inspect. Many 100's+++ Est. $600-700
380 *o WW BANKERS BOX FULL incl auction lot remainders collns, Canada, Australia, Indonesia & Philipines in Minkus album, shoebox of glassines, covers & others 1000's Est. $100-150
381 o USA OHIO PRECANCELS Comprehensive mtd colln in 4 thick binders on issues to the 1950's has not seen daylight in many years. Excellent opportunity to dwell on this old hoard collected for types & stamp issues. 1000's Est. $500-750
382 FDC IRELAND 1949-1981 Colln 230 FDC in G&K hingless albums with slip cases. Fairly complete from 1965 on some minor dupl, also diff cachets with some better. Mostly cachet unaddressed. NICE COLLECTION Est. $250-350
383 *o BALTIC STATES Mtd colln in Scotts Spec Album incl Central Lithuania, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Memel & Croatia to 1940 incl BOB & others. Better items scattered thru out, fair amount of stamps & sets here. Generally VF thru out. NICE CLEAN COLLECTION Est. $400-500
384 *o NETHERLAND COLONIES mtd colln on pages best is Dutch Indies incl much used BOB, etc. Surinam & Antilles mostly mint 1950's-60's period incl semis some earlier, gen F-VF Est. $150-200
385 *o CINDERELLAS, LABELS & MORE Binder of interesting items on stock pages rang from Polish locals, Thule set of 7 locals, WIMMER MOZART cards signed 5 diff colours, exhibition labels, Revenues incl Norway, Turkey and others 1893 World Columbian admission ticket, semi officials incl ANDORRA 1934 Sanabria #1-12 & much more 100's++ Est. $200-250
386 ** DIE GESCHICHTE DER LUFTFART A history of aviation in LINDNER hingless album 1978 with sets, singles, covers nicely written up and annodated in German. Nicely presented and a nice review of this topic VF Est. $75-100
387 * BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Sel of 44 sets 1935 JUBILEE ISSUE LH F-VF SCOTTS Cat. $1076.00
388 ** CANADA Accum of multiples, blks & others much 1920's-30's MNH lower values, few sheets, etc. to 1940's. Note c Jubilee MNH, gen F-VF 100's+ Est. $200-300
389 *o CANADA Colln in MINKUS pages to 1970. Sparse & mostly used to 1920's, some MNH 1930's on stock page plus some Admirals imperf between blocks & pairs, 1c WAR TAX bottom margin plate A13 strip of 3, #90a imperf pair & others, gen clean F-VF Est. $150-200
390 o WW ANCIENT COLLN on fragile pages WAR MAIL 1914-1918. Starts off with US FORCES incl censored covers (9). Then goes into a variety of NOTGELD MONEY hinged onto pages 1918-1921 (About 190 pieces). Interesting Moldy Oldy lot Est. $75-150
391 o SWEDEN CANCEL COLLECTION of about 400 DIFF SON mostly Superb cancels on KING OSCAR issues, mostly early 1900's. NICE CLEAN BATCH F-VF Est. $75.00
392 *o CANADA (60+) Sel of mostly small queens mtd on 4 pages selected for cancels, shades, perfs, etc. Better stamps 10c small queen 3 diff shades. Mint incl #35, 38, 42 all with OG. Also incl a few strays incl 3c L Queen & others Est. $100-200
393 o CANADA OFFICIAL PERFINS Mtd colln of small hole OHMS perfins on White Ace page, fair degree of completion incl $ Values, BOB, etc. gen F thru out UNITRADE Cat. $458.00
394 *o NORWAY 1856-1975 Mtd colln on Scotts Spec pages mostly used to 1945 then mint with better items to Scotts 60.00+ noted incl shades, perfs & others incl BOB. 1981 Scott values on pages which are out of date. Gen F-VF thru out Est. $250-350
395 *o WORLD WIDE MISCELLANY Unusual grouping of various interesting material incl show s/s, labels, Cinderellas, odd ball stuff, old Auction sheets, seals & labels. Weird & wonderful stuff 100's Est. $75-150
396 *o FIUME (65+) mtd colln of mint & used on Scotts Int pages incl ovpts, gen F-VF OWNERS SCOTTS Cat. $388.00
397 *o ST PIERRE & MIQUELON Mtd colln of mostly 1941-1942 issues on Scotts Spec pages incl BOB. Did note #J8-J9 (Sc 400.00) on separate page, gen F-VF SCOTTS Cat. $955.00+
398 o CANADA (100+) 1868-1924 Balance of a used colln most are CDS copies incl good large Queens w/shades incl 2c(2), 6c(2), 12c(2), 15c(3), small queens to 10c w/shades, Widow Weeds, lower value numerals & leafs, Jubilees, 5c Centered Quebec roller cancel also 10c Qubec & various Admirals incl better Coils, gen a clean batch & fine thru out Est. $200-300
399 * FRENCH ANDORRA mtd colln on SCHAUBEK pages to 1968 incl BOB with better values incl #52, 54, J1-J8, J42-J45 plus others, CLEAN & VF SCOTTS Cat. $826.00
400 o USA 1851-1985 Mtd colln of mostly used in Scotts Specialty Album. Lots of useful stamps here incl better like #113, 115, 151, 240,260 (2 both st edge), various sets 1920's-30's incl s/s Century of Progress & Nat Stamp Ex. Cond varies but generally Fine thru out. Many 100's++ Est. $300-350
401 *o USA 1857-1985 in Scotts Specialty album with slip case mostly mint 1887 on. Earlier mostly used incl better like #18, 63, 93, 160, 190. Scattered mint to 1940's incl better like #213, 219-20, 250-254, 282, 306, 473 all MNH. Other mint incl #214, 225, 230-237, 260 (faults), 272, 273, 299, 328-30, plus others. Fairly complete from 1940 on, BOB is scattered with best being PR102-PR104 no gum. Many 100's++ Est. $750-1000
402 *o CANADA Mtd colln on pages rang #14 to 1980. Scattered earlies mostly used incl some large queen, 8c &15c Jubilees, numerals & leafs then goes to mint starting with various Admirals, then a void till 1940's with all mint, some modern bklts & scattered mint BOB incl some face type material with better. Many 100's++ Est. $250-350
403 **BKT CANADA 1954-1974 Mtd colln of booklet panes, bklts, miniature sheets & panes. Mostly Centennial material, clean MNH VF Est. $75-100
404 *o HUNGARY 1871-1976 Mtd colln in Minkus Specialty album. Nice run of issues incl mint & used sets & s/s with BOB, better values spotted CLEAN & VF. Many 100's+++ Est. $400-500
405 *o WW BANKERS BOX FULL incl large thick binder of AJHAMAN MNH s/s w/dupl, colln of VATICAN in Minkus album, various boxes, stockbooks of stuff incl Canada & more 100's+++ Est. $100-200
406 FDC SURINAM Colln of 112 diff 1956-1984 mostly sets, mostly cacheted incl unaddressed. Nice clean batch F-VF Est. $150.00
407 *o AUSTRALIA 1913-1979 Mtd colln on pages mostly used with strength in pre 1940's incl shades, perfs, etc. on Roos & KGV issues with better items incl #54 plus others, some better dues. Decent grouping of material, gen F thru out Est. $300-350
408 *o AUSTRIA 1850-1985 Mtd colln of mint & used on Minkus pages. Much of earlies are used, mix of mint & used to 1940's then 1935 on mostly mint with fair degree of completion. Better items thru out incl singles, semis sets, airs, BOB & others. Offices are a mix of mint & used. Nice grouping of material for a well filled colln for this period. Many 100's+++ Est. $400-600
409 * NETHERLAND ANTILLES 1953-1981 Mtd colln on DAVO pages fairly complete 1953-1978 incl s/s, sets, singles 1979-81 missing some sets & s/s. Post 1970 are MNH CLEAN BATCH VF Est. $150-200
410 o AUSTRALIA Pre Decimal colln used on pages to the Navigator set. Includes various shades, wmks, perf of Roo and KGV issues, OS ovpts & some OS perfin multiples blocks incl 7'6p Blk & pair, 378(2), 379, BOB outside of OS ovpts is sparse with some dues incl #J20. Many 100's++ gen F Est. $250-350
411 *o NEW ZEALAND & AUSTRALIA couple of auction lot remainders of pre decimal mostly used collns. Some better NZ noted incl BOB, Australia mostly loose in large envelope incl Roos, KGV, ARMS issues with duplication & more. Enough worth while stuff to make it interesting 100's++ Est. $75-150
412 *o SWITZERLAND 1862-1967 mtd colln on MINKUS pages in MINKUS album, earlies mostly used and then from 1920's on mostly mint incl semis, some better s/s & dues. Fair amount of completion post 1920's missing the better s/s, gen F thru out Est. $300-400
413 *o LATVIA & LITHUANIA Mtd colln on album pages to 1940. Best value is found in Latvia proper with used #9-16, mint #B56-65, B72-81, CB6-8 & more also some med value & Lithuania. Clean collection F-VF Est. $250-350
414 *o SOVIET REPUBLICS Old time selection on pages with illustrations incl Albania, Armenia, Azerbarzan, Geogia plus additional in envelopes incl Tanna Tuva & Albania to 1940's. Interesting batch F-VF Est. $100-150
415 *o WW BANKERS BOX FULL of Canada Wholesale used sorted in glassines 1950's-70's, Gr Britain, Ireland 1970's-80's, box of Bileski material incl Tags, FDC combo etc, a stockbook of Topicals Fish & Butterflies. Note PROC #661-680 used (Sc 112.00) & others 1000's Est. $75-150
416 *o CANADA Sel/Accum of various incl mint colln on Scotts pages (reduced) 1932-1943 incl coils, defins, War issue complete plus others (Cat $522 years ago) plus stock sheets of various rang #14/modern, most value pre 1940 incl mint & used with better (Cat $620 years ago) plus a hoard of Xmas seals sheets 1950's-80's on pages. Many 100's++ Est. $150-200
417 *o WW BANKERS BOX FULL incl small box of 1960's plate blks all sorted in green envelopes, UN colln, various cigar boxes, loose, old auction lot of better Canada and more. Many 100's+++ Est. $100-150
418 *o TURKEY Sel of mostly earlies 19th century & early 20th century on stock pages with shades, cancels, varieties. Some better noted incl #C6-C8 mint plus others. SPECIALIST LOT 100's++ Est. $150-200
419 *o CANADA OFFICIALS Sel on pages & stock cards of OHMS perfins, G&OHMS ovpts incl better perfins incl Peace & War Effort used plus mint with better incl O249-262 less #O257 plus others incl BOB issues then an accum of duplicated material mostly used ovpts. INSPECT Many 100's+++ Est. $150-250
420 *o RUSSIA Useful clean & extensive mint or used colln assembled in a pristine pair of Scotts Specialty albums with coverage to mid 1970's. Generally representative coverage from the 19th Century thru the Czarist years & picks up from the 1930's on solid rang of mostly used sets, s/s, etc. Also sprinkling of issues from Republics on separate pages. Clean & VF Many 100's+++ Est. $500-600
421 *o WW ESTATE AS RECEIVED in large box ONE MANS WW collection in 10 volumes plus colln of Canada in Jarrett album, has not seen the light of day since 1983. Colln put together by collector whose surname was STAMP - BELIEVE IT OR NOT. Mr Stamp's inventory count was 9800 plus large envelope with 100's. Cat values on pages are from 1969-70 much cheaper material however better scattered thru out incl GREAT BRITAIN #287 blk of 4, #292-308 singles & blks of 4 all mint, OMAN defins from 1970's, Canada better plus others. INSPECT Est. $400-500
422 *o BANKERS BOX FULL various stuff in boxes, cigar boxes, trays & more, topical selection in 2 stock books, Canada incl PO Year Sets 1988-9 and more 1000's Est. $75-150
423 ** CANADA Selection composed mostly plate blocks & singles mainly from 1950-1980 incl better like #294, 321, 334 & others, varying quantities with duplication, face & more, all ready to go. High Retail Value. CLEAN & VF Est. $300-400
424 *o NEW ZEALAND Mtd colln in springback album mostly 1930's-1950's issues. Collected by SG with shades, varieties, blks, spec presentation folders, Harrison & Sons. Starts off with 2P CHALON HEAD imperf black blk of 6 on card, KG Recess Key Type Proof 8d & 1' in black, Typographed KG Proof d (green), , 1 & 2d in black then on to regulars & commem, control coil pairs, interspersed with Flight covers, FDC & others. Interesting grouping, gen F-VF Est. $200-300
425 *o WW Interesting lot on hagner pages incl Europe 1960-80's incl France (some earlier), Great Britain, French Colonies, unusual stuff, Mexican mint revenues, Uruguay seals & others. Some better noted incl Luxembourg 318-320 Europa set, Chile 1960 s/s (Sc 85.00), Liberia errors, cancels, imperfs. France imperf pairs from 1960's & more. Please inspect 100's++ Est. $300-400
426 *o GREAT BRITAIN Mtd colln on Lighthouse hingless pages of the 4 Kings reign 1901-1949. Collection was mtd based on SG numbers incl shades, perfs, etc. There are many good items mint & used here cat up to $100.00+ plus better incl #139, 140(Perfin), 141 (CDS copy), 174a, 175a, 181 all used. Better mint incl KGV booklets, panes, Specialty items, KGVI specialty items all identified by SG number. Good Officials incl #O67-69(ng) plus others. A nice grouping to expand on, gen F-VF Est. $1000-1500
427 *o WW Sel of mostly 19th Century material in various small ancient approval books incl Br Comm, Portugal Colonies, So America, Australian States & others with stamps that have appreciated since 1940's when the books were put together. INSPECT 100's Est. $250-350
428 *o WW Sel of mostly diff on 106 approval cards incl much Europe, some So American & Asia. Bulk is 20th Century material strength in France, Belgium, Hungary, Br Comm & others with quite a number of items over Scotts 50.00+. Noticed China 1355-8 (Sc 550.00), Hungary B205 imperf s/s & others. Some modern MNH also scattered thru out. Cat values on cards are from years gone by and in some cases substantially higher. INSPECT! 100's+++ Est. $500-750
429 *o WW Sel of singles, bklts, s/s incl HONG KONG, CHINA modern bklts, Portugal s/s, Jugo s/s & others. CLEAN LOT Much MNH VF OWNERS SCOTTS $1400.00+ Est. $200-300
430 *o WW MISCELLANY Stockbook of REVENUES, LOCALS, CUT SQUARE incl Br Comm, South America & others. Also includes folders of mostly USA seals, labels in sheets & large multiples to 1970's & mtd colln of seals on pages. Many 100's+++ Est. $100-150
431 *o CANADA Small box of various to 1980's left overs from larger lots in glassines, 102 cards, dealer stock cards. Note #158 50c BLUENOSE VF lightly hinged, perfins, cancels & more 100's Est. $200-300
432 *o WW Dealer stock in 102 cards filling a red box. Strange mix of stuff with WW revenues interspersed with Europe, Br Comm and others rang from 19th Century to runs of modern. Priced about 20 years ago or so, prices on cards are outdated. Better incl early 19th Century Romania which has increased substantially, France, some modern MNH, Ireland #167-191, Australian States, So America & more. Many 100's Est. $400-500
433 *o WW Sel in glassines as purchased in 1980's mostly Europe incl Belgium, Germany, some So American & scattered others. Cat values are from the 1980's & out of date. Some better incl Belgium #12 (Sc 150.00). A real mish mash that has remained dormant for the past 30 years or so Est. $200-250
434 *o CANADA Mtd colln on pages rang Jubilees to 1960's with many extras incl varieties, shades, types all written up. Has been picked for higher cat items but still plenty to be had, much mint w/dupl in some areas like Map stamps & others, gen F through out Est. $300-400
435 *o WW Sel in four ancient approval books of pre 1940 issues incl good selection of Baltic States, Iceland incl #138 mint, Denmark incl #68 used, DWI, Poland which includes forerunners regulars & BOB, some Czech and small group of Br Comm, scattered faults, gen F thru out 100's Est. $300-400
436 *o AUSTRIA Colln on homemade pages rang classics to the 1960's incl sets, singles, BOB. Includes used 1850 1K-9Kr, 1860-61 2Kr-15Kr, 1863 3Kr, 1883 2Kr-50Kr, 1890-96 to 2gld, 1935 1s & 50g semi, 1948 Artists semi, 1861 Kr Newspaper (2) and mint 1922 Musician semis, 1936 ski semis. Also contains few blocks, duplicates & non-Scott items, gen F-VF 100's+++ Est. $350-400
437 ** CANADA Stockbook of mostly KGVI/QEII coils. Many strips incl starter/ender, some JUMPS (appear not be counted as such). Mostly MNH VF. Also some used (465B) & others not counted in cat. OWNERS CAT About Cat. $2000.00
438 o CANADA Ancient colln on pages rang large queens to 1940's. Some better items and early covers that were scoth taped to page. INSPECT cond varies Est. $100-200
439 *o WW Accumulation on old club sales pages priced in 1970's-80's with USA, Br Comm, Europe, Eastern Europe, So America & others, some better spotted Est. $200-250
440 *o CANADA Sel in stockbook rang #14/1970's incl BOB. Mostly pre 1950's incl #17 MNG pin hole, Jubilees used to 50c, Quebecs used plus others. Mint incl #226-227, 268-273 plus various OHMS & G ovpts & modern material incl MNH, some faults but gen F thru out Est. $400-500
441 *o WW Shoebox of various s/s, glassines, sets, singles with some better ones to Scotts 20.00+ incl Br Comm, Europe, So America & others, gen F-VF Est. $75-100
442 o CANADA SMALL QUEEN WONDERFUL OLD TIME HOARD incl 1c(400+), 2c(450+), 3c(600+), 5c(140+). Has not been picked for cancels. The 1c are mostly shades, coils, RPO's, CDS some westerns, 2c mostly Ont cancels incl RPO's, shades & others. 3c are the best incl lots of cancels, RPO's, sq circles, some early shades. Best are Western cancels. As we were counting there were easily 100+ mostly Sask, Man & Alta. Five centers were a mix with more greys then green. SPECIALIST LOT WITH PICKENS! PH Est. $400-500 image
443 *o CANADA OLD TIME COLLECTION BALANCE QV/KEDW period with #14, 16, various large queens, small queens, Widow Weeds used, leafs to 6c value mint, Maps mint, 1c & 2c Edwards blks of 4 MNH, Quebecs to 5c value mint with 5c being VF, BOB includes various shades of registered stamps used and #OX1, OX3 (Mint) plus others, fair amount of cat value here Est. $300-500
444 o CANADA SMALL QUEENS WESTERN CANCELS Sel of 130+ from an old time holding much Assa, Man with some Alta & BC. Note at least 10+ MOOSOMIN NWT, 5+ ANTHRACITE ALTA split circle plus others, mostly 3c small queens, bulk of 1c singles & strimps are mostly Man cancels with duplication. Nice grouping for the cancel hound Est. $300-400
445 * CANADA Mtd colln in LINDNER HINGLESS ALBUM w/slip case to 1969 of mostly mint. Starts off with Quebecs complete, ADMIRALS fairly complete incl $1 MNH VF, Coils, Scrolls complete less 20c. Arches complete 217-227(MNH), 241-245(NH), E1-E11, G & OHMS ovpts complete MNH, dues fairly complete & others, gen CLEAN LOT MNH F-VF Est. $1500-2000
446 PS JAPAN About 45 postal stationary pieces to 1950's mostly earlier types incl mint Sakura #NC2, LS18, PC11, FC32, CC2, used #FC20, FC30, AG9-10, LS19, in total 15 mint pieces & 25 used much internal some overseas usage, variety of cancels incl some cut squares, gen F Est. $100-200
447 *o JAPAN OLD TIME COLLECTION of interesting material in a thick binder on White Ace pages of note some interesting covers 19th century & early 20th century incl 1892 KIOTO JAPAN MEIJI to USA, good earlies and nice range of 20th century incl many s/s, sets, etc. Also accum of modern cancels on piece, sheets with roller cancels, various old time remainders on pages with possible cancel interest & more. Includes 20+ covers of which 5 are 19th century blanace mostly 20th century. Many 100's+++ PH Est. $1000-1500 image image
448 ** ICELAND Mtd colln of 369 stamps, 19 s/s, 1 booklet on DAVO HINGLESS pages 1985-2010. Most are 1985-2000. NICE CLEAN COLLECTORS COLLECTION AS RECEIVED VF OWNERS SCOTTS Cat. $982.00
449 *o EUROPE Sel in springback album pre 1940's incl Germany, France & Col, Poland, Portugal & others. Best is France incl #123, 138-142 all mint plus others. INSPECT! 100's Est. $150-250
450 * BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Sel of omnibus issues from 1960's incl Red Cross (incl Great Britain 398p-400p), ITU, International Cooperation Year, UNESCO all appear to be complete less the Hong Kong issues, ranging from VLH to NH. Also selection of FALKLAND ISLANDS DEP 1980's defins & used blks of 4 and other issues F-VF Est. $200-250
451 o JAPAN Accumulation on stock sheets, loose, glassines to 1950's incl Manchuko, PERFINS (8), CANCEL interest. Many 100's INSPECT Est. $100-150
452 o JAPAN OLD HOARD of mostly pre 1950's material in glassines, cards, loose, bundles. Note some Perfins, cancels, etc. 100's++ Est. $150-250
453 *o WW Mtd colln in 10 vol SUPREME GLOBAL albums to 1980's. AS RECEIVED FROM ESTATE UNPICKED with better items scattered thru out. Strength in Canada, Australia, Russia, Europe, So America, Asia & others. FUN LOT Many 1000's+++ Est. $1500-2000
454 * CHINA NORTH EASTERN PROVINCES #12-25 in half sheets with margins & inscriptions 100 of each F-VF SCOTTS Cat. $495.00
455 *o CHINA 1912-1949 mtd colln on blank pages of mint & used incl FORMOSA & Provinces & BOB, well filled much cheaper with better scattered through out. Note Formosa #J6-J9 mint set plus others 100's++, gen F-VF Est. $200-300
456 *o CHINA 1894-1949 mtd colln on album pages mix of mint & used, much used with med values thru out, some better with minor faults. Note #199 CDS used copy, gen F through out 100's+ Est. $200-250
457 FDC CHINA PROC 1979-80 Sel of 55 FDC incl 1479-1482, 1530-1539 (2 diff cachets, one is silk), #1557-1572 Silk cachet & others VF Est. $75-100
458 *o CHINA & PROC Sel of 4 retired Edm Stamp Club circuit books priced in 1992, 3 of which are PROC other is China, much is used scattered mint sets. Some better spotted incl PROC 659-60, 942 used plus others, TAIWAN 1450-51 mint & more, gen F thru out 100's Est. $200-300
459 * CHINA 1878-1972 on Scotts Specialty pages in green album incl some used earlies with minor faults incl 1c Large Dragon, #14 pulled perf, #78 closed tear, Better used incl #13, 29-31, 67, 124-130, 248-69, J1-J6, there are an abundance of sets, singles $20-40 range incl some better, mint and used with interspersed mint sets plus BOB, Provinces & Occupations. INSPECT. Many 100's++ Est. $1500-2000
460 *o CHINA ONE MAN'S ACCUMULATION of glassines, cards, etc. mostly to 1950's. Possible cancel interest, odd perfin 100's Est. $50-100
461 FDC CHINA PROC 1970's-1980's Sel of 90+ FDC incl #1530-39, 1711-15, 1749-1760 plus others, some duplication. Cacheted unaddressed VF Est. $200-250
462 *o WW BANKERS BOX FILLED TO THE BRIM incl Auction remainder, stock books, boxes of glassines & more. Many 100's+++ Est. $100-200
463 o AUSTRALIAN STATES Sel of various in glassines unpicked for cancels, etc. plus about 100 NSW A27 types on card. Sev 100's+ Est. $40-60
464 o AUSTRALIAN STATES VICTORIA Mtd colln on Scotts Specialty pages of used stamps incl extra's with inverted wmks, cancels. Many better incl values over Sc $100.00. Includes nice selection of Postal-Fiscal all with nice CDS cancels, dues, etc. Nice clean batch, gen F-VF OWNERS SCOTTS Cat. $2050.00
465 o BR COMMONWEALTH Old booklet Sel of 90+ Revenues mostly 19th Century incl Br Africa, HONG KONG, NATAL, NEW ZEALAND & AUSTRALIAN STATES. Best are NZ AR HI VALUES from 1882, Railway Stamps, Australian States Qld & Victoria stamp duty, Tasmania, also some postally used. INSPECT Est. $150-200
466 o AUSTRALIA USED decimal stock on stock pages in a binder, some better noted incl #378(2), various Roos, KGV heads, some scattered mint plus used BOB incl AAT 100's++ Est. $100-150
467 *o CANADA Bal of issues rang KGV/1960's incl #162-73 less 168 mint, #262 MNH, 294 MNH, 656-57, #O46-O49 strip of 20 MNH plus others 100's Est. $100-150
468 *o SOUTH AMERICA OLD TIME holding in stock book of pre 1950's issues mix of mint & used, best is Mexico with nice selection of MNH airmails incl #C85-C90 plus others, clean lot F-VF Many 100's Est. $200-250
469 oC CANADA OLD TIME mtd colln of SQUARED CIRCLE CANCELS in a post album. Consists of 40+ covers plus 43 stamps. Mostly eastern Canada, some westerns spotted thru out incl ELKHORN '98 receiver, McLEOD on 3c Jubilee, Nanaimo 2nd on 1c Jubileee, partial DONALD BC '94 on 3c Small Queen. Condition is mixed especially in the covers, still worthwhile grouping Est. $200-250
470 *o WW BALANCE of VARIOUS in box incl material on old auction lot pages, Canada mint & used selections with better, Run of Canada mint sheets 1940's-50's & more. INSPECT Many 100's Est. $300-400
471 *o GERMAN STATES BAVARIA mtd colln on pages of duplicated material. Much used, some cancel interest also noted better like #230 used (Sc 100.00+) Inspect SCOTTS Cat. $500.00+
472 *o FIUME Old time colln on pages mix of mint & used, gen F-VF Cat. $300.00
474 *o WORLDWIDE AIRMAIL LABELS & CINDERELLAS COLLECTION Facinating array of material in 2 binders of event labels mostly souvenier/advertizing but incl some semi official issues, early label starting with 1909 Reims Grand Week of Aviation and dozens of diff air meet vignettes from the 1910's incl 1922 Rowen Air Meet issues incl 2 Fr high value with value imprint doubled, 1922 La Baule issues incl reprints, US labels incl 1911 Farden City Estates, 1917 NY Aeronautic Expo & more. Also incl TIMBRE FISCAUX by FORBIN reprint hard cover with labels & fiscals mtd on pages. WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITY FOR A NICE BATCH OF EXOTIC MATERIAL EX KANE Est. $750-1000