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764 o CANADA #208ii 3c Cartier SCAR FACE VARIETY MNH VF PH UNITRADE Cat. $300.00 image
765 **B CANADA #208ii SCAR FACE VARIETY bottom stamp in blk of 4 MNH VF PH Est. $150-250 image
766 ** CANADA #455 2c CENTENNIAL with dramatic OFFSET on back PH Est. $40.00 image
767 **B CANADA #477 WINNIPEG TAG CENTER TAG WIDE BAR VARIETY UR corner block of 4 NH VF PH Est. $50-75 image
768 ** CANADA #C1i SWOLLEN BREAST VARIETY in blk of 8 MNH F-VF PH Est. $100-150 image
769 * CANADA #CL23 Style Three Patricia Airways semi official hinged VF PH UNITRADE Cat. $750.00 image
770 P CANADA 2NBill issue #FB33-35 proof on card VF PH Est. $500-750 image
771 ** CANADA #FPS43-45, FPS48-50, FPS52, FPS54-56, FPS58 Postal Script issues NH VF VAN DAM Cat. $167.50
772 CANADA #FWS1 25c WAR SAVINGS pasted in Dominion of Canada THRIFT CARD, RARE! PH Est. $100-150 image image
773 * CANADA JUNIOR RED CROSS XMAS SEALS Sel of 7 diff early incl Sask, BC, both MNH VF plus others, NOT COMMON PH Est. $75-125 image