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799 C CANADA #36 tied by OTTAWA NOV 9 1897 Richardson Type 9-1 OTTAWA flag cancel on Water Rates Office c/c paying drop rate to Hull, nice combo F-VF PH Est. $150.00 image
800 C CANADA #51 left margin copy tied by MONTREAL AUG 14 1897 Type 6 flag cancel CHOICE STRIKE VF PH Est. $150-200 image
801 PPC CANADA #75 tied by TORONTO SEP 4 1901 Type 10 flag cancel on TORONTO UNIVERSITY ppc to USA F-VF PH Est. $75.00 image
802 C CANADA #MR7a tied by MONTREAL MAR 28 1917 mach cancel on Military censored cover to Nelson BC with NELSON BC APR 2 730PM 1917 Flag cancel bs roughly opened on top o/w F PH Est. $75.00 image image
803 C CANADA #276 tied by FREDRICTON NB APR 27/7 PM/1948 type 61 flag cancel F-VF PH Est. $40.00 image