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956 o CANADA ALBERTA SQUARED CIRCLE sel on pages on 39 stamps incl CALGARY (12) includes Jubilees, Map, leafs & numerals & strip of 3 #35; Edmonton (4) incl 15c large queen; Innisfail (2) on numerals; Lethbridge (7) mostly leaf & numeral issues; MACLEOD (6) 2c & 3c Jubilees, couple small queens & numerals & leafs; RED DEER (4) numerals & sm queens; PRINCE ALBERT (3) #35, #41, #106. NICE BATCH EX LAMB PH Est. $150-200 image image
957 C CANADA #90 tied by circular duplex bars with ATHABASCA LANDING ALTA/DE 15/10 split circle overseas rated to Scotland F-VF PH Est. $100-150 image
958 PPC CANADA Sel of 3 diff ALBERTA DPO on ppc incl LAVOY/AP 7/09, NAMAKA/MAR 2/10 and WINNIFRELL MY 14/19 split circles all to the USA, decent strikes F-VF Est. $40.00 image image
959 PPC CANADA #104 tied by MJAW & CAL RPO/JL/ 9/14 CDS on 2nd AVE LOOKING WEST BASSANO ALTA ppc to USA Est. $40.00 image image
960 PPC CANADA BISMARK ALTA/AP 2/10 split circle receiver on ppc orig in USA. NICE STRIKE F-VF PH Est. $30.00 image image
961 C CANADA #36 tied by MONTREAL OC 4 94 circular duplex cancel on drop rated cover forwarded to Winnipeg with WINNIPEG MAN/1/OC 8/94 square circle transit strike on front of cover & due "2", forwarded to Calgary with CALGARY ALTA/PM/OC 10/94 sq circle ties stamp and a full strike backstamp. Lastly forwarded to Regina with REGINA ASSA/2/OC 12/94 CDS backstamp. Wonderful 2c sm queen rate cover well travelled throughout Western Canada, faults & roughly opened on right but there is beauty here PH Est. $150-200 image image
962 C CANADA #41 tied by SCARCE CALGARY CORKSCREW TERRITORIAL DUPLEX cancel with CALGARY ALTA/2/JY 6/90 CDS on ALBERTA HOTEL c/c to TORONTO. CANCEL REPORTED TO EA SMYTHIES OCT 12/69, RARE ONLY ONE WE HAVE EVER SEEN, cover roughtly opened on left o/w F-VF PH Est. $150-250 image image
963 C CANADA #77 tied by HAMILTON MAR 5 00 "B" Flag cancel on fully illustrated ALBERTA HOTEL CALGARY NWT advertizing cover to USA, some wear with minor creases & bends do not detract PH Est. $100-150 image
964 C CANADA #69 tied by CALGARY ALTA/MR 8/98 squared circle on McCarthy & Bangs Barristers c/c to JCF BROWN ADVOCATE EDMONTON with EDMONTON ALTA/MR 9/98 CDS bs VF PH Est. $40.00 image image
965 C CANADA #90 tied by CALGARY ALTA circular duplex cancel on fully illustrated GREAT WEST SADDLERY CO advertizing cover to SAVONA BC VF PH Est. $75-100 image
966 C CANADA #107 tied by CALGARY MAY 23 1929 CALGARY STAMPEDE SLOGAN on SCOTT FRUIT CO LTD illustrated CALGARY STAMPEDE & EXHIBITION adv c/c drop letter rate, tiny closed tear on top for the record does not detract VF PH Est. $50-75 image
967 C CANADA #128 tied by CALGARY JUN 26 1928 CALGARY STAMPEDE slogan cancel on JOHNSTON STORAGE illustrated c/c drop letter rate window envelope VF PH Est. $40.00 image
968 C CANADA #104 tied by CALGARY FE 1 1929 slogan cancel on HOTEL ROYAL illustrated hotel advertizing cover drop letter rated F-VF PH Est. $40.00 image
969 C CANADA #150 tied by CALGARY EXHIBITION & STAMPEDE MR 7 1929 slogan cancel on BLUE LABEL BOTTLING CO drop letter rate VF PH Est. $40.00 image
970 C CANADA #150 tied by CALGARY APR 13 1929 slogan cancel on JACKSONS LIMITED fancy c/c drop letter rate VF PH Est. $30.00 image
971 C CANADA #150 tied by CALGARY MAY 23 1929 slogan cancel on PAULIN CHAMBERS COMPANY fully illustrated back in colour advertizing cover drop letter rated F-VF PH Est. $40.00 image image
972 PS CANADA CONTENT ALTA/AP 09/08 split circle ties 2c KGV envelope also free strike on cover rated to LAMBRETH ONT F-VF PH Est. $100-150 image
973 PPC CANADA #89 tied by DAYSLAND ALTA/SP 21/07 split circle receiver on STONEY LAKE ONT real ph ppc set to Daysland rerouted to Lethbridge and then back to Daysland, well travelled with abundance of transit receivers PH Est. $40-60 image image
974 C CANADA #89 tied by partial EDMONTON CDS on ALBERTA HOTEL FULLY ILLUSTRATED cover to USA, minor wrinkles do not detract PH Est. $100-150 image
975 PPC CANADA #106 tied by oval bars with ERSKINE ALTA/OC 20/19 split circle on real photo CHRISTIAN CHURCH ppc to Bently F-VF PH Est. $40.00 image image
976 PPC CANADA FISHBURN ALTA/NO 19/07 split circle receiver nice strike on back of leather postcard with #90 tied by PINCHER CREEK ALTA/PM/NO 12/07 CDS PH Est. $40.00 image image
977 PPC CANADA FRASERTON ALTA/JUN 29/15 split circle with #104, #MR1 tied by oval bars on 1st Street West Calgary ppc to Shelborne Ont, some aging & minor creases o/w F SCARCER CANCEL PH Est. $100-150 image image
978 C CANADA HAND HILLS ALTA/NO 01/12 split circle receiver on back of cover orig in USA. Also BASSANO ALTA/PM/OC 31/12 CDS bs F PH Est. $100-150 image image
979 PS CANADA 1c QV POSTAL CARD tied by LETHBRIDGE ALTA/JY 30/90 TERRITORIAL split circle to Montreal early date F-VF PH Est. $75.00 image
980 PH CANADA Sel of 5 real photo 1937 LETHBRIDGE ALTA SNOW STORM photo. Pretty scary when the outhouse is snowed in PH Est. $100.00 image image
981 C CANADA #109 tied by MEDICINE HAT MAR 14 1924 slogan cancel on ALBERTA FOUNDARY & MACHINE COMPANY illustrated cover with illustrated OLD TRACTOR on back VF PH Est. $40.00 image image
982 C CANADA #76 tied by PINCHER CREEK ALTA/MR 15/99 TERRITORIAL split circle to Wm Rennie Seedman TORONTO F-VF PH Est. $75.00 image
983 PS CANADA RINGWALL ALTA/29/13 split circle receiver IDEAL STRIKE on back of 1c Edward Chateau Frontenac CPR railway coloured view card tied by WETASKIWIN ALTA/DE 27/13 CDS to Ringwall VF PH Est. $75.00 image image
984 PC CANADA SPRING BANK ALTA/JY 27/00 territorial split circle ties card and #75 on combo overseas rated to England, CALGARY ALTA/PM/JU 27/00 transit CDS on front of card F-VF PH Est. $100-150 image
985 PPC CANADA #89 tied by ROSTHERN SASK/DE 19/10 CDS to BROOKS ALTA, BROOKS STATION/DE 26/10/ALTA and STEVENVILLE ALTA/DEC 27/10 split circle (RATED E) transit strikes on front of ppc, some aging & minor staining, still a good combination PH Est. $75-100 image image
986 PPC CANADA ADELAIDE BC/DE 18/05 split circle with #89 tied by oval bars on "Man of War Dry Dock Esquimalt BC" ppc to NS, MOUNT PLEASANT BC/AM/DE 18/06 transit CDS on front of card, some wear minor tone spots, decent strike PH Est. $75.00 image image
987 C CANADA #MR4 (CPR PERFIN) tied by MONTREAL PQ APR 30 1917 mach cancel on CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY COMPANY fully illustrated back GLACIER HOUSE GLACIER BC HOTEL rated to USA, light vertical fold does not detract PH Est. $50-75 image image
988 C CANADA #75 tied by GREENWOOD BC/JA 17/99 split circle printed matter rate to New Westminister with NEWWESTMINITSTER BC/PM/JA 21/99 CDS bs F PH Est. $40.00 image image
989 C CANADA #90 tied by oval bars with HALLS PRARIE BRIT COL/ split circles (appears to be JA 6/08 and JA 7/09) 2 diff dates on cover to USA F PH Est. $50-75 image
990 PS CANADA 1c KEDW postal card with partial HILTON BC/JU 12/11 split circle to USA, pin holes from filing o/w F PH Est. $40.00 image
991 C CANADA KITSELAS BC/JU 24/07 split circle with #90 tied by oval bars to USA, PORT ESSINGTON BC/JU 25/07 split circle bs, cover is faulty with closed tears & roughly opened on left, cancel is decent early date PH Est. $40.00 image image
992 C CANADA LAKE BENNETT BC/SP 20/99 split circle ties #76 on cover rated to Seattle, roughly opened on left, missing part back flap o/w F NICE STRIKE PH Est. $50-75 image
993 PPC CANADA NEW MICHEL BC MY 14 10 split circle with #89 tied by oval bars on FAIRY CREEK BC real photo ppc to USA SCARCER CANCEL RATED "E" PH Est. $150-250 image image
994 PS CANADA MILNES LANDING BC/SP 23/12 split circle on #EN17 tied by oval bars rated to UK, vertical fold o/w F GOOD STRIKE PH Est. $40.00 image
995 PPC CANADA MILLSIDE BC/FE 5/67 split circle ties #89 also free strike on BRUMERRE CREEK LOOKING No & So real ph ppc to USA PH Est. $50-75 image image
996 C CANADA MOHA BC/JU 22/22 split circle with #108 tied by oval bars LILLOOET BC/JUL 24/22 CDS bs on cover to Seattle F-VF PH Est. $75.00 image image
997 C CANADA #75 tied by NELSON BC/PM/MY 16/02 CDS on GRAND ORANGE LODGE OF BC c/c from the office of the GRAND SECRETARY to PORT ESSINGTON printed circular rate with PORT ESSINGTON BC/MY 26/02 split circle receiver VF PH Est. $40.00 image
998 PPC CANADA #89 tied by NELSON BC/OC 12/05 CDS on BAKER STREET NELSON BC ppc to USA F-VF PH Est. $40.00 image image
999 C CANADA PORT ESSINGTON BC/DE 27/98 split circle with #78 tied by what appears to be cork cancels to TORONTO, VICTORIA BC/AM/JA 12/99 CDS & TORONTO CANADA/16/JA 18/99 split circle bs EARLY DATE F-VF PH Est. $40.00 image image
1000 C CANADA #85 tied by ROSSLAND BC/AM/OC 27/99 CDS on map cover to Seattle F-VF PH Est. $40.00 image
1001 PPC CANADA #89 tied by ROSSLAND BC/1/MR 15/09 circular duplex cancel on real ph MOUNT FERNIE, FERNIE BC "Spalding" ppc to USA F-VF Est. $40.00 image image
1002 PPC CANADA SKOOKUMCAUCK BC/AU 6/38 split circle with #233 on coloured TUNNEL HILL LAKE CRANBROOK SERIE 8 ppc to USA F-VF PH Est. $40.00 image image
1003 PPC CANADA STREATHAM BC/AU 23/30 split circle receiver on real photo REDWOOD HIGHWAY ppc F-VF PH Est. $40-60 image image
1004 PS CANADA UPPER SQUAMISH/SP 30/14 split circle receiver on front of 1c Edward postal card with reply card attahed (unused) tied by VANCOUVER BC CDS to Upper Squamish F-VF PH Est. $150-200 image image
1005 C CANADA #104 pair tied by VANCOUVER BC 1920 mach cancel returned for war tax with #123 Perf 8 coil added tied by purple oval BRANCH DEAD LETTER OFFICE VANCOUVER BC/MAR 24 1920. Also UNDELIVERABLE MAIL VANCOUVER BC/MAR 20 1920 oval purple CDS & blue DEAD LETTER OFFICE VANCOUVER CANADA/MAR 20 1920 cancel. NICE COMBO F-VF PH Est. $75-100 image image
1006 C CANADA #77 tied by VICTORIA BC/NT/OC 24/99 squared circle on CAPSTAN NAVY CUT E. A. MORRIS illustrated advertizing cover to New Westminister F-VF PH Est. $75.00 image
1007 C CANADA #85 tied by VICTORIA BC/NT/JA 16/99 squared circle on SAVANNAH PHOTO PARLORS VICTOR back flap to Seattle, some aging else F PH Est. $40.00 image image
1008 C CANADA #251 tied by #O340 VICTORIA BC MAR 25/1943 FORT VICTORIA 100th Anniversary slogan cancel with HELP CZECH AMERICAN NATIONAL ALLIANCE RELIEF FUND 1943 label to USA F-VF PH Est. $40.00 image
1009 C CANADA #232 tied by VANCOUVER BC MAY 25 11AM 1940 slogan cancel on fully illustr UNION STEAMSHIP back & front adertizing cover drop letter rated colourful F-VF PH Est. $75-100 image
1010 C CANADA #90 tied by partial MJAW RPO 1906 CDS on illustrated LANSDOWNE REGINA writing on back, some wear else F PH Est. $50-75 image image
1011 C CANADA #90 tied by MOOSE JAW SASK SEP 26 1907 machine cancel on THE BRUNSWICK HOTEL MOOSEJAW SASK illustrated adv cover to USA with advert OFFSET on back of envelope also some aging & surface wear else F PH Est. $75.00 image image
1012 PPC CANADA #89 tied by oval bars with NOTRE DAME D'AUVERGNE SASK/SP ?/10 split circle receiver on ppc orig in MONKTON ONT, good cancel rated "E" PH Est. $100-150 image image
1013 C CANADA #109 tied by SASKATOON MAR 18 1926 slogan cancel on illustrated QUEENS HOTEL SASKATOON roughly opened on right with closed tear o/w F PH Est. $40.00 image
1014 C CANADA #77 tied by BONANZA YUKON/MR 20/03 split circle also free strike w/enclosure. Writer is Chas N Bell STATIONEER BONANZA YT interesting text about business and life in the Yukon mentioning big stampede in Tannona county, stage problems and other interesting stuff DAWSON YT CANADA/MR 20/03 split circle bs PH Est. $200-250 image image
1016 C CANADA #77 tied by DAWSON NWT/AU 10/01 CDS to USA, SEATTLE & BALLARD WASH receivers on back, roughly opened on right damaging stamp, vertical crease still DAWSON NWT on cover is SCARCE! PH Est. $50-100 image image
1017 C CANADA #109 tied by DAWSON YUKON/PM/DE 13/21 CDS on YUKONIA HOTEL DAWSON YT c/c to CHICKEN CREEK ALASKA, nice early hotel item Hotel burned down in the 1920's F-VF PH Est. $150-200 image
1018 C CANADA DOMINION YUKON/OC 17/99 split circle with #75 pair tied by oval bars to PORT TOWNSEND WASH, DAWSON YT CANADA OC 18/99 transit CDS Seattle & Port Townsend CDS bs RARE! PH Est. $250-350 image image
1019 C CANADA #142 pair tied by HAY RIVER NWT/AM/JUN 24/46 CDS with SSMcKENZIE RIVER/HAY RIVER purple hs rated to USA VF PH Est. $75.00 image
1020 PPC CANADA #89 tied by partial HUNKER YUKON split circle. Also partial free strike on snow covered cabin ppc to USA SCARCER F PH Est. $150-200 image image
1021 PPC CANADA WHITEHORSE YUKON EARLY UNUSED real photo 19th Century ppc appears to be a hotel, Victoria or Dominion day celebrations SCARCE ITEM F-VF PH Est. $150-200 image
1022 C CANADA #353 tied by WHITEHORSE YT CANADA/MAY 21/1030AM/1955 mach cancel on attr coloured ALASKA HIGHWAY cvr to USA VF PH Est. $75.00 image